A Flying Safari in Namibia


A Unique Vantage Point on a Spectacular Landscape

Though strikingly beautiful, Namibia’s landscapes can seem barren on first sight. In reality, though, even the driest desert plains here often throng with wildlife. It’s just a question of knowing where to look – and how to look. Because Namibia is so vast, the best way of seeing it is from the air. Indeed, some of its most breathtakingly gorgeous areas are almost inaccessible by any other means of transport.
Taking to the skies in a tiny vintage airplane gives you a thrilling new perspective on the zebras, lions, elephants, oryx, jackals and other species which roam famously scenic areas such as the Skeleton Coast. In between flights, visit rural communities and scan the land for signs of ancient cultures as you hike secret desert trails.

The air-conditioned bungalows at Hoodia Desert Lodge are set against the backdrop of some of Sossusvlei’s loveliest scenery, nestled between dramatic mountains and the Tsauchab River. While certainly luxurious, the lodge retains the quiet charm you would expect from a family-run enterprise. Its restaurant is well stocked with a mix of local and international favorites, and the wine menu is pitch-perfect.

As its name suggests, Leo’s at the Castle comes complete with turrets. Its outdoor areas offer sweeping views of Windhoek. Inside, dozens of crystal chandeliers dominate the space. The menu draws inspiration from international sources, and features plenty of French influence.


Swap speed for romance and take an early morning hot air balloon trip over the Sossusvlei desert. Finish with a champagne breakfast.

These are only suggestions. We’ll tailor everything to suit your individual interests, budget and schedule.